Weekly Challenge 4/15: The Poem Store, the Place & the Thing

Scribbling Gizmos

The weekly writing challenge for April 15, 2013

The Person,

She passed by, staying to the concrete path off the grass. Sitting on the plaza’s green grounds a book in my lap. I doubt she would have drawn much notice away from my pages save the rustle of her long, brown, ruffled skirt against blue stockings and the orange tarnished, beige hard-case swinging at the end of her right arm. I returned to my story but glanced up again. Perhaps it was the purpose in her stride. Maybe I just wondered what was in the case. She walked to corner of the plaza, next to the Bunny Lady’s woven goods, to a dark stained, wooden chair parallel, decorative grooves running the length of the back support’s stile. The case was placed gently next to the chair then she turned, smoothed her skirt down before sitting down into the chair. With…

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