It may be time for Mother Jones to update its Celebrity Map of Africa

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

UPDATED: Airports in some African countries can’t keep up with entertainers (and celebrities) either visiting for big pay days (that’s the case especially for rappers and R&B stars, and Kim K), to rehabilitate their images via PR junkets, make appearances in nightclubs, or to connect with themselves. You can create a template it seems for these kinds of visits: “When INSERT NAME HERE visited INSERT AFRICAN COUNTRY HERE.” We’ve engaged in a parlor game of sorts about this behavior on our Facebook page re the comings and goings of some of these visitors, copied at the end of this post.* But there’s more, especially when it comes to those high profile visitors bend on saving Africans or with a sense of superiority: Celebrities and entertainers from mid-level and smaller countries–from countries like Sweden, Turkey, Thailand and South Korea; oh, and China–want in. It seems they’re traveling to Africa…

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