God works in mysterious ways

I am so blessed to be among those who are spiritually enlightened in this day and time. At a time when people doubt the power of God in the universe, i remain steadfast.

I received a message a few weeks ago and even in my own feeble mind and what some call ‘divine ignorance’, i had the faith enough to obey the message. I see why scripture says that obedience is better than sacrifice because God wants us to trust and not double no matter the circumstance. although my imperfections in this life seem to be ever before my eyes, im glad that i have the opportunity this day to be blessed in my gift of choice to listen, to watch and to obey once again.

Today is a gift and i thank God for this gift. I have the freedom to do with it what i please. I pray that whatev er i do with it, is to your everlasting Glory. Thas how i roll… Ashe & Amen!

Love & Light  ~Q.TRUthe

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